Bridal Muse Jessica

Introducing our bridal muse Jessica


The colour - Every fitting I had with Jessica I just fell in love with her colour choice over and over again.

A beautiful rich gold silk skirt with warm ivory chiffon, creating the perfect complementary shade to Jessica's complexion. The lace, a beautiful Art Deco design added such a lovely modern feel to the traditional silhouette . But it is the bride that makes a dress and you just have to take a glance at her photos to see how true beauty just shines through.

So how did Jessica's day go, what advice would she give to fellow wedding planners today?

What is your best memory of your wedding day?

The moment I started to walk down the aisle toward my groom was probably the most heartfelt moment of the day. For both reasons that it was such a special moment with my father and that I was approaching my very-soon-to-be husband.

I was arm in arm with my father and he was also holding my hand with his opposite hand. He held on so tight yet lovingly, letting me go at the top of the alter as I kissed my groom on the cheek. My father shook his hand and kissed me, I cried the whole time and had to look back over at my maid of honour and mouth, "is my make up okay?" She assured me it was, haha. Seeing my groom's face as I walked toward him was priceless, and so was the feeling of everyone's eyes on me as I finally fulfilled the moment I had been looking forward to for over a year. I've never felt so beautiful as I did in that dress at that moment.

What is your advice to a bride to be?

For planning advice I would say that the best place to start is with a list of all items you want in your wedding and then pricing those out to create your budget. From there, I'd highly recommend pulling together a wedding website. It's a great way to get all of the details to your guests and manage your guest list and RSVP's. One thing I didn't have time to do was make a list of the types of photos I wanted our photographer to capture and I wish I had done that. Also, be sure to budget money and time for all of the outfits around the wedding, like the day before and day after...I didn't think about that and it left me a bit stressed. Finally, on the day, just relax and try your best to consciously take in every second, it truly is the best day of your life. Some very good advice I got was to whisper to yourself just as you're about to head down the aisle, "remember this, remember this". The day is pure magic.

What was your biggest worry about getting your dress made?

I think the toughest part was that I wasn't able to see or even envisage the final product until it was nearly complete. That left me a bit stressed, but thanks to Sarah, who is a genius and miracle worker, she worked so hard to make my dress just right even with last minute changes.

What part of the process of having your dress made was most fun for you?

I loved researching the dress and chatting to Sarah how I wanted bits and pieces of one type of dress, mixed with details of another type of dress. Being able to create a dress that was 100% unique and at the same time 100% suited and flattering to my figure was exciting. I also loved picking out the fabric and the lace, it made it all very real that I was working with Sarah to create my dream wedding dress. 

Hair by Lorraine Browne
Make- up by Christine Aldridge -  
Kevin Morris Photography
Cliff at Lyons - Venue (humanist ceremony & reception)


I will freely admit that perfect moment had me in tears. What a truly beautiful memorable day. Thank you so much Jessica for share with us. As Jessica says it can be so hard to envisage the final look of your dress on the day . What worries you most about your final look on the day? Comment below we would love to know and maybe we can even help

One on the best things about getting a dress made is that you will be guided step by step so if you have any questions about the process of having a dress personally designed for you please drop me an email.