Bridal Muse

I am happy to be back in blog land - our summer silly season has passed and now I have the time to share again. Today I am introducing you to a stunning bridal muse. When Deirdre sent me on photos of her Spanish wedding I fell madly in love with her whole day and immediately asked her to share her thoughts on the day.


What is your best memory of your wedding day? 

I have lots of great memories of moments with my parents, with Will and with friends, but my biggest memory from the day is everyone smiling! At every moment, I remember being surrounded by smiles and an incredible feeling of love. Seeing all our friends and family having such a great time, celebrating with us, is a memory I will really cherish.

Our first dance ended up being quite impromptu and a surprise as the band had learnt the song for us but had kept that a surprise, and I loved the spontaneity of it. Our friends and family joined in singing with them- it was magical!


What is your advice to a bride to be? 

Don’t stress over small details. Prioritise what is most important to you both and once those things are organized, just consider anything else a bonus!

What was your biggest worry about getting your dress made?

The biggest worry about getting my dress made was not seeing it until it was finished! I had been to a number of bridal boutiques and tried on lots of dresses, but none that I absolutely loved. So when I decided to get my dress made, there was also the worry that I would feel the same indifference to the dress when it was finished. However, from the first meeting with Sarah my mind was put at ease as she seemed to understand immediately-and probably before I properly did! - what it was I was looking for.

My mother and I left that first appointment with full confidence in our decision, and I’m glad to say at the final fitting it all come together better than I had imagined!

What part of the process of having your dress made was most fun for you?

My granny was a dress maker so it was quite a nostalgic experience for all my family. My parents came up with me for each appointment, my dad going for a stroll on Bull Island while my mother, myself and Sarah discussed and picked material, styles and colours. Being so involved in the process was really special and having input at every stage meant that there were no worries about the fit of the dress, or something not being quite right. Seeing it all come together at the end was really exciting, and it felt really special to have been so involved and seeing the progress as it went from sketch to dress! It was a really personal experience to share with my parents that we wouldn’t have had otherwise, and felt like a special way to remember my granny too.



Beautiful sentiments Deirdre, it is so important to enjoy the wedding process , creating memories and moments that will stay with you always. Thank you so much for share your day with us. 

Share with us today those moments you are cherishing as you plan your wedding day.

The amazing headpiece is by

Photography by Graciela Vilagudin Photography