Our Bridal Muse Laura

When a sparkling personality reaches across an email you just know you are going to have fun creating her wedding dress. A big thank you to Laura for sharing such an intimate day.

What is your best memory of your wedding day? 

My best memory is just that it was so relaxed, intimate, unique and special.  It was just the three of us for the whole day (myself, husband Ronan and our 9 month old baby daughter Heidi)

By having just the three of us, I feel we created a really special memory as a new little family and we have a memory together that nobody else has with us. 

We had a huge celebration party with friends and family the following weekend but the wedding and christening weekend itself was just us and it couldn’t have been more perfect. With social media and great technology, the world has become a world of sharing every single last thing, so I love that we didn’t have to share this day with anyone.  We did share some select photos with some select friends and family the following day though.   

Is there a moment that stands out for you?

One of my favourite moments is that we also christened Heidi during the wedding ceremony and I can’t wait to tell her that when she’s older. It really felt like such a special and unique occasion for the three of us as a new family to have a combined wedding and christening. 

What is your advice to a bride to be?

If it’s not too late already- keep it simple! And be different. People get tired of going to weddings when it’s the same thing over and over. That’s why our friends and family loved how we got married - refreshingly, just by ourselves, and they loved coming to our wedding celebration the following week after because it was just a casual, chilled out, fun house party. 

My advice -  just do the special intimate marriage part by yourselves and soak up the love and connection you have between one another, and then do the celebration with others separately.

This way doesn’t suit everyone but definitely at least consider it. Both my husband and I couldn’t recommend more highly doing it the way we did it.

What was your biggest worry about getting your dress made?

That I wouldn’t like the end product but that it would be too late by then to sort out something else. At least when you go into a shop you know there and then whether you like the end product or not.  Also the reliance on somebody else to create it.  You don’t really have control over the situation and that’s a bit stressful. Especially if it’s all a little last minute!

What part of the process of having your dress made was most fun for you?

I found it a little difficult because we were keeping the wedding a surprise from everyone so it wasn’t a traditional “going to get my dress made occasion” the way it might usually be. Also I was under heavy time restraints and had a lot of other things going on with building a house and having a baby ... so the wedding planning wasn’t our absolute priority.  I did enjoy going to Sarah’s house and she made it extremely easy for me.  A spin out to her home, a dress fitting and a spin home again.  And I was able to take my baby with me which was very helpful and made things so much easier. I would highly recommend Sarah.  I’ve already recommended her to a number of friends and family

The suppliers

Photographer - Butterfly Photography.  I would HIGHLY recommend Husband and Wife duo Ash and Dan.  They are not only so sound and easy-going but also amazing photographers.  
Ash helped me a lot in the wedding preparations.  She was the witness to the wedding too.  It was actually Ash who gave me Sarah Foy Couture’s contact. It worked just so well for me ! 

Make up - Stephanie Burgess.  She was fantastic and came to the hotel I was staying in to do my make up.  She also came to my house prior to do a trial.  She’s very sound and easy-going too which helped.

Hair - I got my hair done by the amazing Nikki in Chocolate Fringe, Dunshaughlin, near where I live, the day beforehand.  I like the more messy, not perfect look, so I wanted it done the day beforehand. I was extremely happy with my hair and I liked that Nikki didn’t know she was doing my hair for my wedding the next day because I didn’t want a big deal or fuss! I put a fresh flower into it on the morning itself.