Underwear Changes Everything

No matter your shape or style the right underwear can transform your figure and transform your wedding dress. I can't emphasis enough the important of getting the correct undergarments. This is not a last minute rush to M&S job, you must take some time to try on and find the perfect fit.


For me smooth no lace, nude bras with an excellent shape are the way to go. There is only one way to pick a bra and that is to try on, try on, try on. Then ask yourself does it feel comfortable, does it give a flattering shape or create lumps I don't need?

You also have to look at you dress. Do you need strapless? Will the back need to be lower? Does the front need to plunge? Ask your designer to help you out, she can give you measurements on how far down the strap needs to go to compliment the dress and what other elements you may need to consider before you purchase.


Fancy lace thongs don't always do the job to flatter your shape. It's the smooth nude rule again for knicker purchases. Whither your dress is slinky or ball-gown style you need to be sure the knickers are creating a smooth shape and don't cast a shadow through the dress. Doesn't mean you can't buy a fancy French knicker for later when all the pictures have been taken.

Shape wear

Nearly all my brides the last two years have worn some sort of shape wear. These are all fabulous ladies of all shapes and sizes. My one recommendation for shape wear is please make sure you are comfortable and that you won't get to hot in them. Not to be crude but think about how you can manoeuvre out of said shape-wear for the call of nature!!

Ask the experts

Over the years we have sent hundreds of brides out to find the complimentary underwear for their dresses. Peaches and Cream in the Westbury Mall in Dublin have been a big winner with our brides. Also Brown Thomas and Arnotts for getting measured for a great shaping bra. 

So once you have your dress purchased get underwear shopping, don't leave it till the last minute.

As always have fun

With passion


Brendan Lyon photography 

Brendan Lyon photography