Our month in pictures - April

We are heading towards brighter, longer days and feeling the energy rising in the studio. New fresh designs along with exciting plans developing this month.

Shot! The amazing talented team from  Waterlily Weddings  caught this blue beauty at  Markree Castle . Can't wait to see all the final pictures from this amazing shoot.

Shot! The amazing talented team from Waterlily Weddings caught this blue beauty at Markree Castle. Can't wait to see all the final pictures from this amazing shoot.

April saw a short much needed break in Royal Lemington Spa. Hanging out with my best girl and checking out the new Hotel De Vin opening today in Shakespeare home, Strafford.

Lots of hand finishing and embellishment this month. Truly my favourite part of creating our dresses. Along with new designs for photoshoots with the most talented wedding suppliers of Ireland in great locations such as Slane Castle and Markree Castle. Watch this space for the pictures to come.

Finally a great photo by Moat Hill Photography who kindly took part in our Creatives at Work series on the blog this month.

Bridal Muse Julie

When I began last year to plan 2017's blog I really wanted to do something a little different.  I reached out to my 2016 brides to ask them what they took away from their wedding day? What could they advice our readers? And from this evolved Bridal Muse , where a collection of brides tell us how they created their wedding day.

Fast forward to January and I am introducing you to our first Bridal Muse Julie. You need only glance at her stunning wedding pictures to see what a beautiful, amazing day she had, beaming from head to toe. Julie has very kindly shared her memories and knowledge here today. So grab a cuppa and let her day inspire you. 

What is your best memory of your wedding day? 

It is hard to pick a favourite part but the ceremony was incredibly special. The vows, music & poetry coming to life was amazing and each one was very personal to us.

Is there a moment that stands out for you? 

A moment that stands out is walking up the aisle and seeing Tim a little emotional when he saw me in my dress for the first time. You imagine how those moments might feel but when they are happening, in front of all of your nearest and dearest, it is something you can't really put into words. It is probably all of those cliches people talk about - and I'm trying not to be too cliched!

What is your advice to a bride to be? 

My advice is to go with your gut. Everyone's experience is so different - just go with what feels is the right decision for the two of you. Your family & friends might have very different ideas/expectations of what they think is the right venue/dress/band/flowers/guests budget. Whether you go for a full traditional affair or something really intimate, just try to remember it is about the two of you making that commitment to each other.

Our wedding was the day before St. Patrick's day so that really helped shape the day in terms of little touches and decisions we made about colours/invites/entertainment etc. We also had the experience of attending dozens of previous weddings so we had a very clear idea of what what we had in mind for ours. The support we had from our families and friends was unbelievable - I will be forever grateful to some of them for the help they gave in whatever big/small way they were able to.

What was your biggest worry about getting your dress made?

Again, through previous experience (my sister had her dress made with Sarah) I had a good idea about the process involved. That being said though, it is slightly daunting not knowing what it will look like as a finished product! Sarah made me feel at ease from our first meeting and goes through all the questions you might have about getting it made and what you have in mind. It was very much a collaboration of what I had in my head and what she was able to do with her magic needle and thread!

What part of the process of having your dress made was most fun for you?

I did do my research and had tried on a few dresses and looked up a good few designers by the time I contacted Sarah. I just couldn't find what I was looking for; that didn't cost a ridiculous amount of money and that I felt really comfortable in. They were my my main priorities for the dress - I put all of the ideas of the dream dress I had in my head and sent Sarah pictures and worked with her on what colours, fabrics etc. that suited the look I had in mind. Looking through samples can be a bit overwhelming but I was very much guided by her for this part and went with her professional opinion on what she thought would work best for some of those decisions. It was a really fun, creative process that I can genuinely say, was a pleasure from start to finish.

Thank you to the beautiful Julie for taking time to be our Bridal Muse and sharing your day with us.



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I would love to hear what you think of our new series and what tips you may want to share. Comment below, I always want to hear more.


My job is to bring dresses to life. Julie, like a lot of my brides have a clear idea of what they want for their wedding dress. We just help to fill in the gaps and create something unique for them. You are welcome to email me if you need a dress brought to life. 

Underwear Changes Everything

No matter your shape or style the right underwear can transform your figure and transform your wedding dress. I can't emphasis enough the important of getting the correct undergarments. This is not a last minute rush to M&S job, you must take some time to try on and find the perfect fit.


For me smooth no lace, nude bras with an excellent shape are the way to go. There is only one way to pick a bra and that is to try on, try on, try on. Then ask yourself does it feel comfortable, does it give a flattering shape or create lumps I don't need?

You also have to look at you dress. Do you need strapless? Will the back need to be lower? Does the front need to plunge? Ask your designer to help you out, she can give you measurements on how far down the strap needs to go to compliment the dress and what other elements you may need to consider before you purchase.


Fancy lace thongs don't always do the job to flatter your shape. It's the smooth nude rule again for knicker purchases. Whither your dress is slinky or ball-gown style you need to be sure the knickers are creating a smooth shape and don't cast a shadow through the dress. Doesn't mean you can't buy a fancy French knicker for later when all the pictures have been taken.

Shape wear

Nearly all my brides the last two years have worn some sort of shape wear. These are all fabulous ladies of all shapes and sizes. My one recommendation for shape wear is please make sure you are comfortable and that you won't get to hot in them. Not to be crude but think about how you can manoeuvre out of said shape-wear for the call of nature!!

Ask the experts

Over the years we have sent hundreds of brides out to find the complimentary underwear for their dresses. Peaches and Cream in the Westbury Mall in Dublin have been a big winner with our brides. Also Brown Thomas and Arnotts for getting measured for a great shaping bra. 

So once you have your dress purchased get underwear shopping, don't leave it till the last minute.

As always have fun

With passion


Brendan Lyon photography 

Brendan Lyon photography 

My Inspiration

 It is around this time of year when our summer brides are just having final touches done to their dresses that I start to think of a new collection. So this week I am taking a little break from the norm and giving an insight to where I find my inspiration and how I start the process of designing new dresses.

Time out from my studio is usually a great opportunity for me to relax and let my mind escape. This week I took a trip to Killarney for some family time and I came back buzzing with excitement. What a beautiful country we have at our finger tips. The colours all around us, lush greens, pink sky's and vibrant floral shades. 

Taking my new found inspiration and my chilled out mind I couldn't help but create 2015's mood board when I landed back in the studio on Thursday (thank you to my hard working assistant Molly for indulging me). This is always just a starting point for me to get a feeling, a mood of how the next year will be. It is from here that I will in the coming weeks start to design the next collection.

I will now gather together fabrics, laces and embellishments that I wish to use in the coming year. I will do samples of beading and fabric manipulation that I would like to incorporate into the collection. With hopefully the final sketches coming together in the coming weeks. Follow my progress on Instagram @sfoydesign.

So if you are just starting out and struggling to get ideas for your wedding. Take a deep breath, a glass of wine and hit Pinterest to create your own mood board. It doesn't have to be wedding related images that you pin, just what you are drawn too. This will help you to get an idea of what you love, hate and adore.

With passion 


Ps I have two new boards up on Pinterest to show you for 2015's inspiration so check us out Pinterest @Sarah Foy design

2015 mood board 

2015 mood board